Imagine this – Show up 5 minutes before the convention starts and walk away when it’s over – we do the rest!


Tradeshow STOP offers a comprehensive Show Services and Storage Program, tailored to meet your individual needs. Expert in show management and logistics, we have more than 5,000 shows to our credit, with no missed/lost freight or deadlines, not a single dissatisfied client.

We strive to simplify and add value to the trade show experience by ensuring that our clients’ exhibitry arrives on schedule for every show, in fine condition, at excellent rates and is assembled by professionals familiar with their equipment. Through our Program, we save our clients time, money and effort, freeing them from worry and allowing them to concentrate on generating new sales.


We are available to:


  1. Arrange for the timely shipment, delivery and pick up of your trade show equipment. Due to the significant number of shows and volume of trade show freight we manage, the rates we can obtain are very competitive and, as a general rule, lower than those our clients can negotiate themselves. (Rates will vary, based on distance and time allocated)

2. Make arrangements for the timely installation and dismantlement (I&D) of your equipment. Whenever possible, we will reserve I&D professionals familiar with your equipment, to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. (Rates will range from $55-$110 per hour, depending on show location)

3. Assist you with show site services and rentals (E.g. computer monitors, carpet, electrical, etc.).

4. Check and maintain exhibitry prior to each show, unless the equipment is moving directly from show site to show site with no local layover.

5. Provide storage for exhibitry upon request.

6. Make necessary repairs to exhibitry upon request.